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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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When shall these end?

I watched the USA and the unfolding events, snowstorms, power outages, flight cancellations, hostage-taking, etc. In the midst of these, the government, its agencies,...

What has Changed?

These may be early days in the AFCON 2021 tournament, but what has changed between November 2021 and this AFCON that the same team...

How do we measure our development?

Almost all former Presidents, former Ministers and their acolytes are competing on the social media, adjudging their times to be the best in terms...
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The two Governments should have asked

Terrorism is a virus that not only spreads but mutates. Unlike the actual virus, terrorism destroys everything in sight. One can adopt hygienic habits...

Is there anything that could rescue us from the abyss?

When people are lousy history students, history will play its wrong side when they need the power of hindsight and past the most. On November...

How do we expect the world and investors to take us serious?

The Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele in a note of finality, told Nigerians that new 200, 500, 1000 Naira notes will be rolled out...

Is our overstretched security system ready for the worst alternatives?

From now till the  2023 election is over, I beg all friends and family members not to embark on early and late evening travels....

The depth of the rot is deep

2023/24 shall be a watershed in the history of this nation. Whoever takes over from President Buhari would wish he never became a President....