Only corrupt elites see no difference in FG’s anti-corruption war – Prof Itse Sagay, SAN (2019)

 “Virtually what we have now is about the worst that we’ve ever had in our public life. Many of these present leaders don’t care. All that matters to them is accumulation of wealth without caring about the people who have entrusted them with power.” Prof Itse Sagay, SAN (2020)

How can things be getting worse Prof, when we are winning the war against corruption? If I were your student and asked to critique the two statements above from the same source, I will likely not earn an A.

Interestingly, if I said what Prof revealed during his 80 Birthday celebrations, hailers would tag me a wailer 😃😃. But coming from an insider, an accomplished legal luminary, no comets shall be seen.

But like I always say, thank God, all wailers and hailers go to the same common marketplaces and also feel the impact of corruption. If not directly, but indirectly. On daily basis, we have Nigerians looking for just N500 to survive. We have relations that have died from bad roads, mental stress because of serious negative socioeconomic effects that they couldn’t manage, poor medical facilities, which the aggrandised funds would have provided. So, you see, corruption is a cancer that could kill the entire nation, if we didn’t kill it. Therefore, we must not fail to advocate for its eradication and condemn those indulged in it.

I hope those Prof referred to, won’t count it against him as hate speech or even be quick to call him a wailer on this subject matter as he reverses. Just wondering.

Oh! Sorry Prof., before taking off, I acknowledge that it is not easy to be 80 in this environment.

Therefore, I wish Professor Sagay a very Happy 80 Birthday celebrations and so many, many years ahead on the side of truth.

Grace and peace!!!


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