I didn’t bargain to be born into Nigeria but that will not make or cause me to abuse God for making me a citizen of Nigeria. I am proudly Nigerian and shall do everything in my powers to always make Nigeria good.

Nigeria may have been crippled by her misfortune from poor governance and leadership, but it can also turnaround if we all agree to flush out those who led us here from every nooks and crannies of this country.

If your country was tagged a s***thole by another          person, you agree with that appellation and even joined the folks to call your country that name, I advise you to stop eating the food and water from the s***hole because you are poisoning your blood stream. I advise you to relocate to your dream country or to the dung site where your description of sh**hole fits. If your country was called a zoo and you agreed with that tag, kindly relocate to the nearest zoo close to you because your type of animal should not be living among us.

I tell workers who malign and foul-mouth their companies in public, to resign and stop using the salaries earned from the “bad company” to buy data for negative online activities against that same company that sustains you and your family.

Do I like Nigeria in its current state? No. Nigeria has the human and better resources to be a better place for us to have a better life. But it is not in calling Nigeria awful and derogatory names that will change things.

Nigeria is not bad, the foundation by the colonial masters had been the issue and humans were behind the faulty foundation. The wrong structures built on the wrong foundation were also by humans. So, wrong citizens that found their ways into various leadership positions and an enabling followers gave them backings. That made us who we are today. So the panacea is for the same humans to rise and right the wrongs. This is our sacred duty.

There is nothing wrong with being critical about misgovernance, inefficiency and ineptitude of our leaders. But calling your country a s***hole or zoo, is like joining others to call your father an idiot, yet allow him to be paying your school fees and you eat his food.

Grace and peace!!!


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