They may not hear our voices, but we should let them know how we feel. The invasion of the Capitol Hill by Trump supporters is a desecration of the hallowed chambers where the representatives of the people meet to make laws for the good of the people. Personally, this is a dark Wednesday in American history. It is a huge dent on the four years of DT’s presidency. It is also a serious minus for the Republican party. Lastly, it has also shown that democracy means so many things to different Presidents and Prime Ministers. Now we know that not all professed believers of democracy are truly one. Sad!

When a sitting President decided to enable protesters including far right groups, incited and told them to push ahead to upturn the will of the majority through illegal means, it is like the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces soliciting for a bloodless coup to keep the president in power. When DT finally spoke and told them to disband, he said he loved those that have lawlessly breached the security of his country’s Congress.

If this was an invasion of any African Parliament to upturn the results of a Presidential election, the Ambassadors of the advanced nations would have by now warned the Africans to respect the will of the people or face sanctions. Has any African leader been able to warn DT to respect the wish of the American people? If not, why? 🥺🥺

If what is happening in the Capitol Hill is not well managed, the United States may be sliding into anarchy and a civil war. May be or may be not but even when this is averted, the last may not have been heard of this history. I hope the die-hard pro-Trump supporters won’t resort to sabotage after today.

Grace and peace!!!


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