Ban movement of herdsmen from North to South – Ganduje

No Sir. You do not need a law on anything that commonsense can address. For those who sell cow, they should truck them to the south. Where they want to engage in the trade down south as a business endeavour, let the owners of the cows or cattles properly approach the communities and have documented agreements, which shall duly spell out the terms.

Don’t the cows have owners? If I wanted to sell yam in any part of Nigeria, won’t I rent a shop from a landlord?

Commonsense dictates that open grazing just like coups is no longer fashionable. How many of the elites children are involved in open grazing over long distances? Thankfully, PMB does this as business and he has his cows confined. So why can’t other businessmen and women emulate him?

Nigeria had grazing pathways that elites aggrandised into private estates. That act is like looting the treasury. Let us go back and look for those who stole the grazing fields and compel them to return what they stole from the people. It is even more annoying that northern elites can steal from their people what should have brought prosperity to everyone. This act remotely stoked the conflict Nigeria is dealing with now. They walked us into this wahala. They need to also walk, and not talk us out of the challenges.

Second, it is barbarous cruelty to allow those animals treck long distances without food, water and care. In advanced nations, they would have all been in trouble.

Third, the children used for this act, can still be educated and at the same time perform their tasks of herding if the animals were confined in a space. It is a matter of feeding and giving them water before and after schools.

Four, science has proven that confined  animals tend to weigh more. They produce more milk and meat for sale, which would bring in more profits in the end, and improve our economy.

Five, it will reduce terrorism and counter terrorism.

Six, owners of the cows and cattles shall be easily identied. So when a herdman leads his flock across other people’s farmland, he can easily be identified for restitution.

Seven, confined herding will greatly reduce the mutual suspicion among stakeholders.

Eight, it will be the beginning of reducing terrorists and bandits masquerading as herdsmen.

Nine, if the elites relinquished the grazing lands they took over, or stop open grazing and encourage all businessmen and women interested in herding to approach communities for a confined grazing facility, I am sure a huge chunk of what divides the North and South would have been greatly eliminated.

Grace and peace!


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