For speaking out, Bishop Kukah and Prof. Soyinka have now become wailers to the hailers of PMB. How time changes!

In 2001, General Buhari (Ret) was quoted as saying, ‘Muslims should not vote for non-Muslims.’ Christians continued to use this against him for so many years. But in 2007 and trying to do a PR on behalf of PMB Bishop Kukah wrote and emphatically stated that General Buhari was not a religious fanatic. Bishop Kukah got pelted and hated by his fellow Christians for siding with Buhari. Today the hailers forgot how Kukah rose in the defence of Buhari in his moment of need. They would rather now tag him a hater and wailer for speaking out against what he believed was going wrong with our system of governance.

Don’t get me wrong, especially on the issue of the insinuated coup, which I am allergic to. I am allergic to the word because of the damage the military did to the fabric of trade unionism in Nigeria. Every sane and rational being, knows that Bishop Kukah CAN NEVER support a coup against a constitutionally emplaced democracy. His antecedents can speak for him on this.

In the same vein, the hailers also forgot that prior to the 2015 elections, Prof Soyinka aligned with the ‘Anything But Jonathan (ABJ) group, which was formed by OBJ. ABJ pursued a dream of even if an inanimate object, a goat or any other animal stood against GEJ, a sitting President, they would rather vote for the goat than vote for Jonathan. None of the actors was harrasssed or arrested.

I have often cautioned that we should not stifle alternative voices. They should not kill critics who are carriers of messages perceived inimical to their principal’s interest. When we shoot down alternative voices, their acolytes and supportive structures could take to sabotage, which will be more damaging to us all.    

I have followed the present US election outcomes and have heard people call POTUS unprintable names. The FBI or the Police is not harrassing those calling DT names.

We all know that until another election comes in 2023, PMB remains the President and nothing can change that. But that does not mean we should relent in telling him what he is not doing right.

It is on this basis I caution hailers of PMB not to stifle alternative voices in our socio-political spaces. Let us learn to take the message of critics, dissect, address the issues and leave the messengers alone.

If we continued to enable only sycophants, they will kill governance in Nigeria.

Grace and peace!!!


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