Now we know that there is also strong linkage between politics and Herders/farmers clashes across the country. Elections have been won and lost using foreign Herdsmen. But the teeth of innocent Nigerians now ache for the fruits they didn’t eat. This theory, however, should not make us lose sight of the other four or five groups engaged in banditry, kidnapping and insurgency, or lose sight of the fact that we have very innocent herders now suffering because of the criminal elements they have shielded. So, my people, What next?

The Federal Government has affirmatively reinterated that the killer herdsmen are not Nigerians. Nice to know. The government is in charge of the borders. So, how did the herders enter Nigeria, settled and refused to go back? How many government officials that culpably allowed them in have been sanctioned? If you could close borders to rice and beans, why didn’t we police our borders when we were flagged of killer groups entering Nigeria?

Honestly Nigerians have been betrayed by those who should protect them. Time has come for the government to come clean on the issues of bandits, and or killer herdsmen.

In 2014, the PDP alleged that the  APC planned to import herders from other African countries into Nigeria for 2015 elections. So, what did the party in power then do with the information or they just folded their arms and watched the worst unveils? One would have thought that the government in power, which was the PDP, desirous of retaining power at the centre, would have done everything legally possible to checkmate the influx. 

It was surprising to many to learn later that the opposition did in truism, import herdsmen from the the rest of Africa for 2015 election. According to ‘the News’,  Baraje was quoted as saying, “the Fu­lani causing security problems in the country were brought in to help facilitate victory in the 2015 election…..after the election, the Fu­lani have refused to leave. I and other like minds wrote and warned those we started APC with that this was going to hap­pen but nobody listened,” PDP refused to decisively act in 2014/2015 . But now that a former APC Chieftain in the PDP has confessed what people did to sabotage the electoral system in the past, has any agency of the government invited those fingered for interrogation?  Let us not forget that a country that lacks, or have weak consequence management system can never be let off the valley of insecurity.

Besides, in February 2016, the then Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase stated that most of the troublesome herdsmen were not Nigerians (Premium Times). He said they gained entrance through our porous borders.  This tend to confirm what Barage said. What did the government do to deal with those inside Nigeria, and, or curtail further influx? This statement coming from the top Cop, shouldn’t have been taken lightly. But we seemingly did.

In the same 2016, Governor El-rufai confessed paying compensation to migrant and foreign Herders who lost cows to a 2011 Southern Kaduna crisis. These were strong pointers to a lid and lead that would have gotten us somewhere. The money paid was given to known people and known countries. What did the FG do to follow through?

With the 2014 and 2016 information, every rational being will think that a government, which cares for its people, would ensure that every migrant and foreigner should go thorough visa documentation guidelines and processes without bias profiling. No! Not here.

Instead, in the twilight of the 2019 Presidential election, my beloved country openly announced visa on arrival policy for every Dick, Tom and Harry. So are we surprised that banditry and kidnapping are escalating?

From the foregoing, let me join Kokori of blessed memory, in the Hotel De Jordan drama series to ask, ‘whia we de go?’ Grace and peace!!!


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