How many more ransome shall we pay, before Nigeria becomes bandits’ free?

Yesterday, gunmen successfully entered the living quarters of Kaduna Airport and abducted 11 people. With military formations close by?


Online media reported that the bandits accessed the quarters through the runway at about 12.30 am ( Is there no perimeter fence round the airport? Was the airport in darkness, which made it impossible for the military in around the airport to see far from their beats?

Though the military was said to have given the bandits a good running for their act, I honestly believe it shouldn’t have occured at all! 

For those who believe that because Abuja is free from bombing, it means that our security has improved, if they were in the shoes of the abducted Kaduna victims, would they still have the same opinion? Just wondering.

May God keep the abducted family safe in Jesus name. Amen.

Grace and peace!!!


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