My heart goes to the families of the innocent children and students of the Government Science Secondary School Kagara, Niger State, that were kidnapped two days ago. Knowing that these guys move at night, could we have erred on the side of caution, by declaring dusk to dawn curfew in most parts of the Northern states to allow only the Federal Government’s security forces patrol the states at night?

Few weeks after I wrote on erring on the side of caution, dare devil insurgents, or bandits, who are specialized ransome seekers struck in Niger State kidnapping 27 students and killing one other according to various media sources.

I am honestly getting tired of this kidnap them, get PMB’s orders to rescue the students, reassurances by Governors to get them rescued, go into behind the scene negotiations, and in the end, declare media victories for such releases. Corruption must be playing a part in the value chain of kidnapping in Nigeria and this should be looked into. 

Rescuing of our children though commendable when we do, it should not be the primary focus but preventing the act because of the far reaching negative future impacts. Most of these young children might out of fear, never go back to school. Some of them might become so depressed and even hardened because of the inhuman treatment metted on them by their abdutors.

Some might find their ways back to the forest to join their abductors. I am afraid, we are sinking deeper and deeper into a terrible state of severe corrosion of educational culture in the north. The effects are humongous and might not be fully appreciated now. It is high time we gave more attention to securing our students and their future everywhere in Nigeria.

Grace and peace!!!


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