Until those who know that the strength to turn Africa around is in, and with Africans, systematically work to take control of Africa’s political leadership, the so called advanced nations that became advanced, through the blood of Africans, shall continue to see Africa as their rubber plantations. 

It is a hidden historical fact, that the developed nations know that they are dead without Africa. Former French President Fran├žois Mitterand (1957) once said,  “without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century.” This was reinterated by Former French president Jacques Chirac, who acknowledged Mitterand’s  assertion when he said, “without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power.” (Antoine Roger Lokongo Source:Global Times Published: 2012)

Unfortunately, African leaders do not see themselves as capable of turning the tides around for the good of Africa and Africans. They would rather seek to borrow or receive grants, and continuously display beggarly attitudes, which perpetually tie us to the apron strings of the colonial masters. So, why won’t they insult Africa like Nicholas Sarkozy said of us, “Africa has no history” and “the African man has not fully entered into history.” Won’t this have been enough to turn the tide?

They don’t like our skins but they like our gold, bauxite, uranium, oil and gas, etc. In the hollow of darkness,  our gold mines are explored by those who see nothing good in the black race.They fleece our commonwealth in cahoots with the government and our people. 

At dawn, the illegally mined raw materials, find their ways out of Nigeria through our borders, again, in collaboration with the border agents, who are supposed to protect Nigeria against hurts. How then can we ever develop?

I feel so sorry for my country with so much natural resources, but yet so poor. It is unfortunate that we have so much palm oil, but we have none to eat yam in the home. Like Chief Ajax of Hotel De Jordan will ask, “where we de go?”

Grace and peace!!!


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