In my opinion, the Capitol Hill saga was not accidental. It should have taken a methodical long-term planning. It is no more a secret that many of the actors used online media for coordination.

So, how do we hold online media platforms accountable for the posts and Tweets of lies, incitements and culpable enablement, which culminated in the Capitol Hill infamy of January 6th?

If there were no information to process, would the people be so vexed to plot the killing of leaders of Congress that day?

Is it just enough to ban the actors after the event, and feel their duties have been discharged?

I am not a lawyer but I believe this act is like giving and taking bribe, in which the taker and the giver are by law culpable. Is it not applicable here?

Anyway, trust the American system, all those remotely or directly involved shall soon be exposed. I hope the evidence will be declassified in the investigation outcomes.

The quake might be heavy.

Stocks will tumble.

I just hope another wikileaks is not in the horizon.

I de siddon look.

 Grace and peace!!!


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