We are reaping the whirlwind of what we sowed.

The children of the poor we thought deserve only handouts instead of qualitative education, have matured and now lording it over Nigeria.

 In all the geo-political zones, those the elites empowered with guns as thugs, or warlords, trained and empowered to snatch ballot boxes, now dictate who gets what. Some even determine who becomes the governor, the deputy governor or the speaker of the House of Assembly in most states.

They are the commanders and foot soldiers of Boko Haram. Some are in the forests as bandits collecting millions from the state governments and dictating when the road shall be free or not, or indeed paid to help them escort farmers to the farms.

Soon they shall be the ones dictating who should become the President, the Senate President or the Speaker, House of Representatives, without which peace shall be a scarce commodity. At that point, it will be too late to respond for Nigeria to be one. 

Except we change the narratives in 2023,

We are heading for a journey of no return!

I just hope we know what we are doing.

Grace and peace!!


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