In trying to defend the medical tour of Mr. President, the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, was quick to lay the reason for PMB’s medical travels at the doorstep of medical workers.

Hear him! “Unfriendly medical care workers are responsible for “prominent” Nigerians seeking medical care abroad.”

No Sir! This statement is only a cover-up for the government’s failure in the health sector. Yes! the workers need to improve on their human relationships with their customers, but I am saying that this isn’t the only reason for our President’s jetting out for medical check.

The first reason is the non-availability of basic equipments and medicines.

A visit to any government hospital, would show that if one did not have a relation close by, it will be almost impossible to chase prescriptions from the doctor’s consulting room, to the finance department, or to private pharmacy shops in and around the health facilities to purchase the out-of-stock drugs.

The second reason is lack of funding to meet with the sophistry of modern day Medicare facilities. So, if the Minister didn’t see this as a cogent reason for our high medical tourism, how can the NASS help him?

The third reason is decaying infrastructures.

The fourth reason is lack of having clear-cut priorities. We believe in ‘big buildings’ and not essential drugs and equipment.  In 2017, the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari paid unscheduled visit to Aso Rock Clinic and her findings?

She was emphatic in saying that “the Clinic lacked basic drugs and equipment despite billions of naira proposed for the hospital in successive budgets. Instead of providing basic equipment and essential medicines, the management was busy building new structures.” If the State House Clinic, which should be the first medical stop, for the first family was so terribly described, can anybody just imagine what will be happening at the local government level?

I see the Minister’s statement as scapegoating Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and other health workers. Besides, I think the statement is also very unfair to medical workers, who are working under very agonising conditions and without necessary tools.

Those in the government speaking for the government should always fear God.

Grace and peace!!!


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