Few things have shaken me in life but none like the death of my Mother. The death of Francis Johnson A.K.A. FOJ was also terribly traumatic. In the last few weeks, the strings of deaths of some of our best in trade unionism have been nerve shattering. Can we just imagine trudging on without Chika Onuegbu and Didi Adodo

Few days ago, a gentleman to the core, Pastor Orumor Kelvin was felled by the bullets of some dare devil armed robbers. His death is enough to ask God many questions. This might affect the faith of others because if this can happen to a Pastor, what of those of us lesser mortals?

It is consequent upon this I want to challenge us to increase our Adversity Quotient (AQ), which helps us to navigate the rough stretches of adversities and challenges. Unfortunately we focus often times more on Intelligence, Emotional and Social Quotients and neglect the Adversity Quotient (AQ)

In our moments of needs, we blame all others apart from ourselves, which we should normally have asked the roles we individually played that landed us in our present bus stop.

The Israelites queried God and blamed Moses when things got rocky in the wilderness. At a point, they asked to be taken back to Egypt. Our inability to adapt to tough times and challenges lead us down the alley of alternatives that worsen our situations. Others in trying to deal with difficult times take shortcuts that lead to more confusion. Abraham the man with the faith of steel had his own dose but made amends on hearing the voice of God.

In our bid to make life worth the living, we all have had our doses of misadventures, mishaps, wrong judgements because of AQ lack. I have had mine in full cycle. It can be a crushing experience. In some cases, friends you so trusted will abandon you. Many people have lost valued relationships because naysayers prophesied wrongly to their situations.

As long as we wake and move, challenges and troubles are imminent. When they come, it is the lack of this AQ in many of us that cause majority of victims to become depressed beyond redemption and some then commit suicide. Some would change wives/husbands/jobs/trades/locations but the situation precedents never changed with the choices. Sure you can cite many examples. Some plot to kill or cause mayhem because they cannot imagine life outside power, wealth or crowd of sycophants. Some simply see themselves as  haven failed their families, and would just want to end it.

What we indeed lack to face the rough tides of our existence is simply lack of AQ or that ee have too little of it.

We might have made mistakes in business, choices or life in general. That shouldn’t make us contemplate ending it all. Great businessmen do have their stocks crashing every now and then. If they ended life, their billionaire era might also come crashing to an abrupt end.

Has anyone been diagnosed with an incurable ailment and science says there are just few months/weeks left to live? My friend, others were told the same thing but they survived.That does not mean that science was wrong. That is my idea of a miracle. Positivity is all we need in this era of bad news and insecurity.

Folks, that you are in Christ does not mean a stress free life. It only means that you shall not be consumed by the challenges you face. If well managed that shall be better and stronger after the storm.

Brace up friend!

Let us go there and conquer!

Grace and peace!!!


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