“Kogi is a COVID-19 high-risk state. The State has refused to acknowledge the existence of the disease, failed to report testing and lacked isolation centers. Therefore, Nigerians are warned to be wary of visiting the state” – The Presidential Task Force (PTF)

 “In Kogi, we say we have no COVID-19 and actually as a matter of fact, we have no COVID-19.” – Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi.

“Nigerian Governors to take COVID-19 vaccine on live television to demonstrate to our citizens that we believe that vaccines would work.” – Governors forum Chairman, an APC Chieftain.

Governor Yahaya Bello rejects COVID-19 vaccine, says “it is meant to kill”

Tower of Babel stuff in the making. Yahaya Bello is a Presidential hopeful and a staunch member of the APC, which is the ruling party. The leaders of the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force are appointees of the ruling party. The Chairman of the Governor’s Forum is a Chieftain of the APC. How can a house divided against itself stand against the stormy tide?

We have listened to the messages. Only one side will be correct. Unless the ruling party and the Federal Government strongly direct, I see sabotage in the horizon. Unfortunately, the grass is the one that suffers when two elephants fight, and that grass is the helpless poor.

Grace and peace!!!


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