Truth is so sacred. It is the only thing that can set us free if freely, and effortlessly told.

This herders/farmers issue is taking a different dimension. The flare ups seem to be gradually getting to the rocky end. I am afraid, this and the pre election tension may become unmanageable as we approach 2023. Only wisdom shall help us navigate the twining and thorny stretches as we progress.

This may sound laughable. But the truth is that tribal leaders across the geo-political zones in the country have their tribal armies and therefore, warlords in waiting. Some of them become so puffed up and find it difficult to obey their landlords and hosts.

Ordinarily, when we respect our Landlords, pay our rents and homage to them as at when due, they should treat us with respect, which becomes reciprocal. If they didn’t, there are laws that protect all in our jurisprudence. Therefore, taking to self help, killings, reprisal attacks shouldn’t ever have happened and must stop.

The first step is to identify who owns the cows and cattles. This shall help stakeholders properly engage each other. Abi dem no get owners? If we have a law for beneficial ownership in the oil and gas, why can’t we identify who owns commercial ventures in the spectrum of the agro-allied industry? Are the owners of the herds ghosts?

The next step is to respect the laws of the land. Herdsmen must respect their landlords and their hosts. Farmers must also respect their hosts and or Landlords too. Anything short of this is a time bomb waiting to happen.

No matter the historical backgrounds and emotional attachments, mobile herding and pastoralism that allow for movements across farmlands and states is no longer fashionable, and should be discouraged. We must all adapt to changing times. However, just like habits, stopping it abruptly will lead to change blockers who incidentally are the elites hiding behind the gun wielding herdsmen. Therefore, every hand must be on deck to address this issue. We can sit down and resolve any issue, if determined to give it a shot.

Let us not set this country up in flames. When war starts, the cows shall become free meat, and the crops free food for fighters. That will be a doom’s day scenario in which everybody loses. We can avert this. Yes we can.

Grace and peace!!!


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