When structures are bombed, they can be rebuilt. When lives are bombed, we lose them forever. When education of children are bombed, we have a country forever doomed. With more states shutting down schools in the North, we are setting Nigeria back for so many decades. Time to get serious.

Banditry and insurgents are killing education in Northern Nigeria. Banditry is also killing farming in the entire country. Elites must own up to this carnage in Nigeria because no poor man owns cows that can be grazed in hundreds, which would warrant killing of people to dispossess them of their ancestral homes. Majority of the cows belong to the elites. So only elites can be behind this.

No poor man would be agitating for acres of land in all the 774 local government areas Nigeria. Only the elites have the means to push this agenda and make the country ungovernable. We saw it in GEJ’s time. We are witnessing it now.

The poor cannot also afford AK-47, only elites can.

The poor is never a mediator to distribute almost a billion Naira monthly to settle bandits. The elites are. The intermediaries now make a living on blood money. Only the elites have the capacity.

The cash from the forest never ends up in the forest. I am convinced the cash ends up in the vaults of the elites in towns. They use the money to build palatial mansions, buy exotic cars and possibly marry more wives.

Some states are now shutting down schools in the North. Do we really know that we are a step away from a total dysfunctional system? 

Leaders arise!

Grace and peace!!!


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