Seven to eight out of every ten kidnappers arrested in Nigeria are Fulani -The Sultan of Sokoto, HRH Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III. But should that make all Fulanis liable for the sins of their Kith and kin? No!

First, not all Fulanis are Herders.

Second, the others that are good deserve our respect and kindness.

Third, Fulani sons and daughters must by this admission begin to look inwards for solutions and how to turn the situation around.

Four, the same numbers may not be relative or applicable to all the kidnapping cells in other parts of the country.

It takes a big hearted person to give this type of opinion in an uncommon time as we now have. If a Christian living in any part of the North-East said this, what would have been the reactions of Myetti Allah and the Arewa Youths Forum? If they can swallow what the HRH said because he is the spiritual leader, they should also take it from lesser mortals if the statement was proven to be true. When we tolerate each other and other alternative voices, that is when we would have commenced the building of a virile nation.

Despite what the HRH said, I am convinced that we should go beyond these kidnappers. While some are in the trade for personal reasons, I believe the majority are working for extremists.

The government while dealing with the situation through the applications of sanctions, should begin to look at the bigger pictures. I see this phase being the beginning of a future dissever of the Nigerian state by territorial expansionists. 

Mama, papa, uncle and aunty, where are your children?

Do you know where they are and what they do for a living?

Grace and peace!!!


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