If told to continue and never stop what you are doing, it means you are doing very well. But if told to reconsider or reappraise what you are doing, it means you are likely to be on the negative pages in the books of the majority, and therefore, you need to change.

Asides the shock expressed by all that had contact with Comrade Chika Onuegbu during his existential pathways through this earthly space, many hoped the death was a rumour. Like Dorcas, many prayed for him to be restored. The memoirs of his good works have been awesome. Though asleep and early into his night, his contributions to the development of society is humongous. While some are remembering him for the improvements on their CBA and welfare benefits, others remember him for restoring them to their jobs while others remember him for his lectures and academic sagacity.

He has rested from all worries, ailments, unfair labour practices and all forms of aluta. He now belongs to the spirit world. He must be frowning at those of us who still believe that money is all it is about life and therefore, cannot sacrifice for others to live without commensurate benefits.

Folks, what will people say about us when we exit? Will people pray that we were restored or immediately say ‘rest in peace’ without any sign of empathy? Would we be remembered for the hope and light we brought to people’s world, or, for the miseries we caused them?

No man is perfect. Only God is. If weighed with the scale held by the blind-folded Beautiful Lady seen in front of High Courts, where would your balance tilt – positives, negatives, freedom or conviction?

Never too late to turn the pages. You are not in this world to live for yourself, by yourself and for your family alone. On daily basis, just think about those in states of hopelessness that we can help pull out of poverty level. Don’t ever be indulged in I don’t have mantra because as confessed by tour own tongue, you might never have. That little you have, how well have you shared it with others?

In 2021, let us try to pull people up without necessarily drowning ourselves in the process.

Grace and peace!!!


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