Just like the rain falls on the farmlands of the good and bad people, bad things also happen to good people and good things also happen to bad people.

At times we blame people and God for the disappointments we encounter as we travel in this space called world. Unknown to us, blame game makes us lose touch with realities and sensibilities.

When suicide, murder or losses in business happen, the first thing is to blame God. How many times have you heard people ask, “God, how can you allow this happen to a tither/giver/church worker like me? Why me?.

At times, we shift the blames from God to parents, friends, bosses or ourselves. Some take on their spiritual leaders by saying, if they were true servants of God, why didn’t the Pastor, Bishop or prophet see this coming? Unknown to us, the more we look for scapegoats or trade blames, the more we part ways from those we perceived as the reasons for our woes. This is typified by those who go to the extent of leaving their worship centres or changing faiths.

In any period of adversity, never attempt to blame someone else for your predicaments because they do not help. Things happen at times because we do not listen to our inner selves, intuitions, and we largely gloss over signs of the tragedies to come.

For instance, suicide victims would have battled with suicidal thoughts and depression over a period of time. Even when acute in nature, they do have confidants who they would have complained to about their challenges, how helpless they have become.or even saying that they have disappointed their parents. But because we are too busy with the realities of the brokenness of our world, we do not pay enough attention to their online messages, monitor their relationships and reach out to their friends.

No matter what providence throws at us, God is always God. He still talks to us in this age. May God give us the resilience to overcome and hear from Him always.

Grace and peace!!!


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