During the time of Jesus Christ on earth, he performed earth shaking miracles that brought happiness to many homes, and smiles to the faces of people. Yet He was not accepted by His own people. He was betrayed and denied by His very close friends and allies. When he was in Golgotha, majority of those who stood by Him, were women and a disciple. Not those he healed. Where were all those he helped, healed or raised from the dead? If this could happen to Jesus, why do you think you would be insulated from the pangs of betrayals, kicks and stabs? Today, no Christian wakes or sleeps without the mentioning of the name Jesus. If he did not go to the cross, perhaps he would be less talked about.

Flowing from the above, as you celebrate Palm Sunday today, kindly don’t revel in an eye for an eye. Leave those who swim and dine in treachery. Let them continue in, and with their treachery. In contrast, you should continue in helping to make people happy and adding value to the lives of those you come in contact with. Making people happy is not throwing money at them alone. We could coach, mentor, advise or even pray for people without their knowledge.

Our daily routines of work and sleep should teach us the lessons of service to humanity. When we work so hard to the point of not being able to remove our outdoor clothes when we hit the bed for a nap, we are  likely to have a very good refreshing sleep for hours.

The  same thing with our existence on earth. We should learn to build people with all we have, make people happy even in our unhappiness, replicate ourselves, working hard to bring fulfilment to the lives of others, to the point that when we are departing this plane, we shall die empty, and be accompanied only by our good works and spirituality. That is only when we can have an everlasting good night sleep.

As we celebrate this Palm Sunday, let us be strong willed by not stopping at doing good. Let us not stop to be who we are, just because some of those we helped; betrayed and stabbed us at the back or even contributing to our miseries. Let it be a  new beginning in the art of growing people and replicating our good selves in the service to humanity. 

Never you ever forget that in the twilight of your evening, through this earthly journey, all of us shall be confronted with the total scores of our emotional economy, the good and the bad we have done. When yours is computed, will it be balanced, will it tilt towards good or bad?

 At that point, the money you have cannot buy you eternal happiness. The good you did will. Happy Palm Sunday.

Grace and peace


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