Pray not to be sick at this time.

Falling ill now is risky and highly dangerous because hospital bed spaces are full.

We hear about the rich dying from Corona Virus because they have the wherewithal to pay for oxygen and bed spaces in good hospitals where the press covers.

The poor are also dying from the inability to access healthcare because there are no bed spaces in open wards, or, no funds to make the mandatory deposits, and even where bed spaces are available, the cost is unbearably high. When the masses die, their deaths are not reported. See treble wahala for the masses. So, I beg of us, let us not take this period for granted.

Please wear your mask. This is not a time for fashion parade. The time for fashion shall come back after the war and storm.

Please, obey all COVID-19 protocols because COVID-19 is real. May you experience the grace of good health now and always.

May you not have cause to look for beds in any hospital.

Grace and peace!!!


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