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We are Ministers in the Temple of Justice

Social media users, please, let us stop promoting divisiveness in whatever form.    Unless we, as a people, condemn absurdities against Moslems, Pagans, Hindus, Christians,...

My Headmaster acted like my biological Father

As a young school teacher in Ansa-Ud-Deen Primary School, Aiyepe in the early 70s, my Headmaster acted like my biological Father. The School Islamic...

The moment he said he was on queue for an hour plus…

Good morning and welcome aboard flight so,  so and so to Abuja. Your Captain speaking from the flight deck. We sincerely apologize for the...

Religion is deep ooo!

Religion is deeper than what most of us think. Not many know that traditional religious practices are being reformed worldwide. On blasphemy, the Holy Scriptures...

His banner over us is love

Today is Sunday and Christians are in Churches praising and worshipping God. As we do so, let us remember Nigerians in all facets of...