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Why am I using the “bell tolls?”

As the political fever bell tolls, twenty-eight states shall hold governorship elections today. Houses of Assembly elections will also hold in the thirty-six states...

Good luck as you vote on Saturday

The beauty of making wrong choices by the people in next Saturday’s Governorship and House of Assembly elections is that citizens would have voluntarily...

Get up! Stand up! Smile!

Are you downcast, brooding, sulking, lifeless, and feeling helpless? Helplessness cannot help. Only hope and faith can. Giving up cannot help. Only taking steps...

Nigeria has no reason to be poor.

When leaders misrule or misgovern, the good and bad people under them also suffer from the outcome of their misdeeds. For example, when King...

No task is a pushover until the final whistle sounds and we overcome.

The round leather game popularly called football or soccer is so many things to many people. Football Clubs aim to win laurels, remain on...