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Welcome to the month of August

It is a month I pray shall work for all that read this post. We shall not mourn over any of us by His...

So, what has changed in us as children of God?

Elon Musk will soon open a hotel on Mars that would cost $5 Million per night. So, one man has woken to the reality...

Chioma Ajunwa-Opara, MON, and Tobi Amusan, Why so?

I dedicate my post today to our women folks for proving that women are Great, especially to Chioma Ajunwa-Opara, MON, and Tobi Amusan. Why...

It is time to get serious about rebuilding Nigeria

When Chioma Ajunwa became the first Nigerian to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Atlanta in 1996, she was celebrated as a Nigerian. Nobody...

Everything has a payday and an end time

If someone had a rag, washed it, got it ironed, and hung it in the wardrobe, nobody dares call it a rag, talk less...