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Today, we have, let us enjoy it.

The challenge of degenerative changes in old age is natural and real. Most aging persons wake up with joint pains, blurry eyes, an inability...

As we go through this weekend…

We are in this world for specific reasons and purposes. Our tasks may look alike, but our pathways to accomplishing the purposed outcomes could...

If you can not help people, do not add to their pains

Nature and humanity reciprocate what we give out to others. In so many instances, they come back to us as positive or negative rewards. Therefore,...

Tribal and religious slurs have started wars that inflicted pains on nations

In the last presidential and governorship elections, the quest to grab power at all costs has thrown up ethnic and religious slurs. Some of...

In all your travails, know that life is a phase

No matter how good you are, the one percent mistake you make or the little flaws in your human relations are what people remember...