Mean-spirited people, sadists, racists, and Sexists, can never see your qualifications, the aura of good you radiate, your achievements, the energy you exude, and the potentials you have. What they see is your colour and gender. This group of people only see themselves, or those with their type of skin colour or gender as the ones fit for appointments. Unfortunately, they represent the educated illiterates, who cannot tell you where Africa is on the world’s map.

Recently, while women groups celebrated having the first female DG, WTO, and we, happy having a Nigerian, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela in that position, at least three Swiss newspapers, Luzerner Zeitung, Aargauer Zeitung and St. Galler Tagblatt, in different racist or discriminatory tones like, “This Grandmother will become the new boss of WTO.”,  “There are still doubts about the qualifications about the mother of four and grandmother.”.  “The 66 year old Nigerian mother of four and grandmother,” etc.

On the surface, it would seem the statements or phrases were harmless because she is indeed a grandmother. But looking closer at the underlying insinuations, of all her qualifications and attributes, the characterisation of her gender and age were what they saw and not to validate her PhD, her Harvard and MIT educational backgrounds, her over two and half decades of meritorious service with the World Bank, which culminated in her becoming the MD of Bank (operations), or even acknowledging her as a former Finance Minister, of the Federal Republic.

What would make journalists with enormous online materials and sources to write in such an uneducated manner? The answers are simple – racism, discrimination and sexism! 

If someone could treat Iweala with such disdain, what about us lesser mortals? Sadists, racists and Sexists are everywhere. The brothers of Joseph saw him as a dreamer and an impostor. They didn’t see, or acknowledge his potentials. Imagine how much of pains he went through before becoming a Prime Minister in Egypt. But Joseph never gave up on his vision and passion.

Until the newspaper apologized, Iweala did not waste her time responding to the garbageous write up. The world stood and fought her battle. So, how do you react to such mean people? Do waste your time reacting to every innuendo targeted at you by lettered illiterates?

People may not like you, they may disrespect you, refuse to acknowledge your worth and potentials, do you allow their indiscretion and poisonous ink slow you down?  What do you think of yourself? Do you also believe in the disbelief of others about you?

If you were upright, honest, diligent and hardworking, the name others call you should not matter or bother you. What should matter to you, is what you think of yourself and your destination. If you were not into shady deals and bad behavious, how people see you do not matter. How you see yourself is what matters. What matters is how, and what you perceive yourself to be.

That they call you names that are not yours won’t determine your zenith. So, be happy doing what gives you joy. Never allow anyone define who and what you are. Remember, you are uniquely made. You cannot be another person BUT YOU. Once again, congratulations to Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela.

Grace and peace!!!


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