President Muhammadu Buhari – $2.1bn that the Federal Government earmarked, to buy military hardware and software for operations against Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria, was shared by those in charge of fighting Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria. They sat down, shared the money as if they they were going for lunch and dinner, put the it their pockets and accounts – CNN.

To PMB’s answer, Christiane Amanpour said- “You are kidding.” If a journalist in Nigeria, or me, told our President, ‘you are kidding’, how would the President’s aides react to us?

In other nations, the response by Mr. President would have been a national embarrassment worthy of reprisals. Why? If in Japan, China or other countries that were allergic to corruption, by now, those the government identified as looters of the insurgency funds, would have by now been cooling down in various jails.

Besides, Nigerians would have in concrete terms, known who shared the money, how much of it has been recovered and how much of the looted fund has gone into voice mail.

Throwing ‘backie’ the way the President did, would only worsen our corruption index ranking. Simply put, the Commander-In-Chief is seemingly helpless, and finding difficulty in fulfilling his pet anti-corruption project. The world is begging for answers.

Grace and peace!!!


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