The oil and gas Unions and the TUC have just lost one of the finest Trade Unionists of our time in the person of Chief Hyginus Chika Onuegbu. The rumours came so strong that he had passed on to greater glory. I prayed against it and binded bounded the devil in our usual ways of discountenancing rumours like this. I remained in a state of denial and thought  it could be a stuff linked with those cats having nine lives. Hmmmmm! My prayers were unanswered because the sting and venom of death were already too devastating to be reversed. What a tragedy!

He was an author and a philanthropist with academic sagacity. Hyginus was able to discuss any topic from Science, Humanities to Esotericism. His works can be found on Academia. Hyginus had three Master’s degrees, with the LLM coming in the last two years. What a Man!

Chika refused to be indulged in the destruction of others to climb. As a man of peace, he abhorred the do-or-die unionism, which was typified by his stepping down for lesser qualified candidates for peace to reign. To those who see this as a cowardly act, they simply do not understand the human nature. Each time he did, he went back to his writing pad to launch fantastic must read articles and world class academic papers. From what people perceived as a loss, Chika saw as a win to reach the world with his scintillating best and further put his name in the golden pages of history. Chika did not believe in procrastination. He was consistently and intellectually on the move in his struggles for justice and equality. He could present so many papers in different places and with ease.

Looking back, I thank him this rare breed for making me review one of his books, ‘the Courage to stand: the story of Comrade Chika Onuegbu’, which has now gone into historical pathways that cannot be erased.

If you are reading this post, besides the commentaries, I urge you to purchase the book, ‘the courage to stand: the story of Comrade Chika Onuegbu’ and see how this brave, courageous and charismatic leader came, saw and conquered. We should also recommend it to others. By so doing, we shall continue to put our fallen Comrade in our memories and immortalise him. May his memories be a blessing to us all.

Sleep peacefully and Good night Comrade.

Grace and peace!!!


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