Kidnapping for ransomes is taking place daily. It is increasing with dizzying amazement and sophistry. Our security agencies are overstretched. These guys live in the forests without mansions. They have no social lives. They do not go to banks. They come out in tattered dresses, looking hungry but carrying sophisticated guns. All they do is rape, drugs and guns. 

So, who are their paymasters?

Where does the huge sums collected on daily basis go to?

Who is in control of their armoury?

Honestly, I strongly believe they are working for superior authorities. My assertion may have no scientific proof, but I believe the alarming poverty has made it so easy, to recruit all manners of people, for the nefarious activities of extremists marauding as bandits everywhere. I have looked at what happened in Syria and other places. It would seem the foundation of their rocky beginning is here with us. I hope someone will say it can never happen here.  We could just wake up one day and hear that the war has started. Where it will start, I don’t know.

While we attack each other on ethno-religious bias bases, these guys are swelling in ranks and getting richer by the day. While we are seeing the enemies from the other side, they are nocturnally uniting in various geo-political zones marauding as kidnappers, bandits, etc. Lai Mohammed has denied this, even when a Governor said they do, I think we are already in trouble. From Edo to Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Niger, Kogi, Kaduna, the stories are the same.

Seemingly, what looks like banditry, kidnapping for ransomes, is beginning to look like organized operations, from extremists working to dissolve Nigeria by all means. We seem to be falling for their tricks, by hating each other, while we lose sight of the real enemy.

A country where farmers cannot go to farms, traders cannot transport their merchandise freely through our highways, citizens are shut indoors by 7pm and cannot venture out until daylight, etc., is a step away from an intensive care without lifesaving equipment.

Consequent on the above, let carry out proper conflict analysis and see beyond these local conspiracy theories. Can we seek help of countries that can use drones in few days to sweep through our forests and do urgent damage control before it is too late?

Time is ticking.

Honestly, I fear what may chance.

Grace and peace!!!


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