The 2021 presidential election in Uganda has come and gone. But the ripples shall continue to reverberate on the negativities throughout the world for a long time to come.

Uganda runs a presidential republic in which one man is the President and the Prime Minister, or both the head of state, and head of government. This man is President Museveni, who has been the only one the cap fits since 1986. He has just won his sixth term in office.

Museveni is 76 years old. His opponent, Robert Ssentamu, presidential candidate of the National Unity Platform (NUP), popularly known as Bobi Wine, a musician is 35 years old. While youths in other African countries are lamenting and complaining about their inability to have a shot at the presidency, this 35 years old Bobi Wine challenged Museveni. Guess what, despite the wuruwuru, harassment of his family, putting him and family under house arrest for over a week and running out of food, this brave warrior  scored 35% of the votes. What an impressive run!

In the run-up to this election, the government used it’s might to cut off all internet connectivities. Dozens of people were harassed and killed. Violence was widespread and election malpractices were profoundly profuse. When shall we do away with this type of elections in this part of the world?

Please commit Bobi Wine in prayers so that he shall live to prove his case of election rigging in court or live to fight another day.

 Congratulations Bobi Wine.

You fought a good fight.

For me, you are a hero and a model of hope to African youths.

Grace and peace!!!


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