Nigeria opened her gates to other Africans without profiling and segregation. But why are so many countries in Africa hostile to Nigerians? Why do many countries in the continent of Africa hate Nigerians this much?

I read with so much pain how Cameroon Special Forces’ Soldiers flooded the venue where Naira Marley was to perform in Cameroon, during the Valentine celebration. Leaned over 80% of the tickets were already sold out. The organizers went to so many other venues but were turned back.

I learnt that there has been a growing anti-Nigerian movement and calling for a ban on Nigerian music by Cameroonian Artists. Black against black? How can we blame a white man for hating blacks when even blacks themselves do not love themselves?

With the way other Africans detest and chase at us in anger, I guess a time may come we shall eat and wear what we produce, produce what we eat and wear. If we had all the holiday resort infrastructures with guaranteed security, efficient social welfare, health and educational systems in place,  I believe Nigerians might be less mobile, thereby avoiding these insulting behaviours from our neighbours.

Grace and peace!!!


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