I have been watching our reactions to the importation of petroleum products from, and the construction of rail line to Niger Republic. Why is it OK to import fuel from Asia and Europe and shameful to do so from Niger?

For me, what is bad is bad. It is shameful to import petroleum products from anywhere. We must vehemently resist it. It is shameful that we are unable to run our refineries for whatever reason. We must advocate for a reversal of this importation malady. The rent and consumption economy cannot take us to the height of excellence and development. We should all resist this exception to the rule.

If I had a choice for an exception to the rule, I would rather prefer importation from any African country, which I believe would be cheaper than importing from outside the continent but should be for a season.

However, because of our prejudices, clich├ęs, biases, broken trust levels, tribal sentiments, and the leadership factor, anything done even in good faith would be misinterpreted. This also shouldn’t be.

Grace and peace!!!


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