All these insurgencies, banditry, and kidnappings benefit a few warlords. A tiny fraction lives in the jungle to coordinate the front, organize the boys, take the ransoms and pass them on to their sponsors in the cities, or have you ever heard of a mall, duplexes, or banking halls in those forests? These sponsors live in cozy environments, air-conditioned cars, and air-conditioned offices with a plethora of pleasurable things bought with the blood of people.

Meanwhile, the footsoldiers that pay the maximum price with their lives for the rich to get richer, may never sit in an air-conditioned car, wear good clothes, live in an air-conditioned home, or ever work in an air-conditioned office. The people they are fighting for have their children in the best of neighborhoods and schools abroad.

Sadly, when these footsoldiers finish fighting and are lucky to be alive, the lords buy them wheelbarrows to start life or even abandon them with the guns to become criminals knowing fully well that one day, the law will catch up with them and get killed. Those who survive the assault are extrajudicially killed to cover the tracks of ‘Mr. Big Man’, and they generally die unsung. Which kind wuwuru and jibiti be dat?

The poor fighting for the rich to get richer is the most unreasonable, significant slavery and a disservice to humanity to date.

When shall the masses break these shackles of self-inflicted pains, begin to fight for themselves, and be free? 

But will the masses ever listen or learn?

I pity my people no be small.

Grace and peace!!!


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