Wear mask if physical distancing wasn’t possible. You refused. You rationalized that compelling you to do so is a breach of your fundamental human right.

Avoid large crowds. You said heaven will be ashamed of those who do so.

Wash your hands very often or use sanitisers, you said no one should tell you how to live your life or that the sanitizer will poison your skin. No problem!

In essence, you are deliberately opening yourself to contract the virus.

If out of carelessness you contracted Corona Virus, do you know that it is a suicide mission, which akin to jumping into the lagoon?

What will you tell God if you didn’t survive it?

If you wanted to be careless with your life, why not think about those that would mourn and miss you dearly?

Remember that, only the living has a right to existence that confers fundamental human rights.

I beg of you, don’t play jogba with a life freely given to you by God.

Also remember you can’t make that life you want to destroy. Therefore, kindly obey the COVID-19 protocols to live for us that love you.

One may take all the the COVID-19 precautions and still be a victim. So true, but let us do our best to avoid it and remain blameless for being an enabler of our death.

At least, heavens will bear us witness that we adhered to lawful orders, which God supports.

COVID-19 is real.

Please adhere to the protocols.

Grace and peace!!!


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