Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

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2024 Elections: Financial Implications for Biden as Unions Take Center Stage

I watched the CNN few days ago and saw two headlines that could financially hurt Joe Biden in the 2024 elections in terms of donations from billionaires.

First is the joining of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on the picket line, which to me is a double edged sword. The strategy might remove arrays of auto maker investors from donating to his campaign funds. On the other hand, it might earn him votes and sympathy from the working class in Michigan. For about one minute and sixty seconds, Biden reinterated his usual saying that Wall Street didn’t build the US but that the middle class and the unions did.

Besides, Biden literarily said that workers are entitled to their wages, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. So, the UAW unions and its allies are likely to mobilize for Biden’s success.

The next big thing was the US Government sueing Amazon for online monopoly. In this instance, the US government and 17 states sued Amazon for abuse e-commerce unsavory acts of unfair monopoly, dominance and lack of competition that skewed online commerce in the favor of Amazon.

From my little corner I would not think that the billionare friends of Amazon and auto makers would likely shift support to a Republican party candidate.

Fast track that to our country, and please, permit me to ask some questions to elicit responses from my readers.

First ,do we still have a middle class in Nigeria?

Secondly, will the President ever choose workers over the Stock Exchange?

Thirdly, will a Nigerian President side with NLC or TUC by openly attending their rallies against private companies?

Your guess as to the above questions are as good as mine.

Grace and peace!!!