Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


A Call for Good Governance: Combating Lootocratic Democracy in Africa

Good governance, refraining from abusing human rights, and stopping “lootocratic democracy” (a democracy that has perfected the art of looting treasuries and promoting roguery) remain the panacea to preventing coups and revolutions in Africa.

As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu ascends the presidency of ECOWAS, he must tell all leaders under ECOWAS jurisdiction that it is a sin against God and humanity for leaders voted to protect the people to turn around and steal from them through “lootocratic democracy and governance by stealing”

He should tell his fellow Presidents that the easiest ways to prevent coups are by providing investment vehicles to provide jobs for the people and not the dispensation of International Monetary Fund or World Bank largesse in the name of borrowing and handouts, which would be looted.

He should tell African leaders that Africa needs transparent, accountable, and responsible leadership that puts the interests of the nation and citizens first in all things, leading to employment opportunities, food security, and human capital development.

Let us, as a people, speak against lootocratic democracy and raise our voices against abuses of people’s rights and corruption. Let leaders entrusted with the power that belongs to the people stop aggrandizing themselves and their families with the national cake meant for everybody.

If African leaders continue to pursue self-first instead of we-first, the continent shall continue to grope and revolve around the cycle of wants, poverty, insecurity, and underdevelopment. A time shall come when the center cannot hold, and the bubble will burst. We must retrace our rat race footsteps amassing the wealth our next four generations may never need.

We also, as followers, would have no moral right to interrogate our leaders for good governance if we are not above board in managing resources kept in our care for the commonwealth.

Therefore, no matter how little, followers at all levels must, in good conscience, also manage the resources entrusted to their care by others in an accountable manner and with the fear of God. If not, the catastrophe that will befall this continent will be colossal, even as new colonial masters scramble for Africa.


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