Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Accountability in Action: Four Key Areas PBAT Must Address Without Delay

Four areas of accountable service deliveries that PBAT MUST not sweep under the carpet are the Governors, who got the Federal Government’s billions of Naira for ranches. Let Nigerians know what they did with the money and the productivity around the ranches. Some of them deliberately stoked the Herdsmen/farmers’ conflicts for their selfish gains.

The second group is those involved in the distribution chain of feeding school children during COVID-19 when nobody was at school. Let them point to the homes they delivered the eggs, rice, ikokore, and sandwiches.

The third group of people has been receiving petroleum subsidies from the NNPC since 1999. The first panel on subsidy accused merchants of round-tripping and forging custom documents to earn billions of Naira. There were no consequences for stealing from the till. A governor just confessed that some of his friends told him, “We are tired of receiving free money from the subsidy, time to scrap it” What other evidence does the government need to prosecute those that led Nigeria to this economic valley?

The fourth group is the N5,000 human cash dispensers to the poor across the nation and the “trada moni.” When the United States dispensed its palliatives to their citizens each household had money directly transferred to the accounts of every adult’s bank account and that of their children. Let us even know the beneficiaries and how much was used to disburse the trada moni

Failure to do the above would imply that people can sabotage policies and retire to enjoy their loot. Never again Mr. President.

Grace and peace!!!