Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Courageous Truth: Navigating the Perils of Speaking Truth to Power

When the scriptures say only the truth shall set you free, it means remaining perpetually on the side of truth, speaking to truth, doing what truth dictates, and criticizing evil deeds done by your tribesmen or religiously affiliated people to you.

Speaking the truth could be fatal. For example, Dele Giwa and Bola Ige of Nigeria, Jamal Khashoggi of Saudi Arabia, and Alexei Navalny of Russia all died in questionable circumstances because of telling the truth to power. These men have gone beyond our reach, but their names shall remain positively glued to the epitaph of truth, and whether we speak the truth or not, death shall come when it will.

Without those courageous enough to question the status quo when their people are in positions of authority, no country would move beyond the hand-to-mouth economy and development.

So, where do you stand on truth management at your point of service now? What and how would people remember you for when you are gone from this terrestrial plane?

Without us reappraising our truth management systems for the good of all, we may just be running around the concentric rings of deception, which shall do us no good.

Grace and peace!!!