Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Ending the Cycle: Combating Corruption and Misgovernance to Prevent Future Coups in Africa

I do not like military coups and there should be no justification for coups because the military would always come with an olive branch, become worse and more ruthless than those they ousted.

There is no doubt that our democratically elected officials have carried out deadlier coups against the people. They rig themselves into power and change constitutions to elongate their tenures. They have murdered the sleep of democracy and they deserve no sleep.

If a country does not “love” coups, that country must hate corruption in all its ramifications. It must do away with sycophantic behaviors, and tenure elongation. Not just that, it must also hate treating power as a family thing, i.e., transiting from father to son and grandchildren. Besides, it must also hate sharing of political offices outside merit-based systems and criteria.

Except African leaders change, and ECOWAS leaders begin to preach good governance, coups from the francophone nations would soon creep into the anglophone regions.

Nigeria especially has the luck of watching this tide to amend its ways.

For example, Nigeria can not be this rich and yet so poor. Nigerians have no business begging for food in the name of palliatives and handouts.

Now is time to do away with corruption and misgovernance, which has made Africa a continent of the poor.

If Africa leaders refuse, I foresee the people, not the military, chasing many African leaders away from government houses and parliaments. If they failed, the military would have no choice but to intervene.

Grace and peace!!!