Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Lessons from the UAE Ban: Diplomatic Fallout and the Call for Individual Responsibility

I congratulate the Federal Government under PBAT for finally negotiating the lifting of the ban on Nigerians by the United Arab Emirates (UAE.)

However, the UAE committed political sacrilege for the blanket ban on Nigerians.

The UAE cut its nostrils to spite its face because the UAE is one block that has a very sophiscated security networks that could unravel crimes against the state in hours. Why didn’t it go after the bad people instead of banning an entire nation for the sins of a few? What the UAE did is to destroy a whole basket-full of apple because of one bad apple. Never done.

That we have a country crippled by failings, poverty and insecurity does not make Nigerians bad people.

Unbeknown to the UAE, good Nigerians moved their trainings, businesses, and tours to other destinations. Countries like Rwanda, Ghana, Gambia and some parts of Europe benefited from the UAE visa ban.

Do you know that if all Nigerians pulled their investments from the UAE, it would hurt its economy? COP 28 is taking place in Dubai in November. If the majority of Africans pulled out of the event, it will never be the same with its tourism industry.

If UAE is sincere with itself, let it put into the open the losses of Etihad and Emirates airlines this needless war against Nigeria. This is outside the buying and selling trades.

If some people breached another nation’s security and acted badly, the countries should be fishing them out and sanctioning them.

Banning the whole nation because of the misbehavior of a few is a hostile gesture and should have no place in international diplomacy.

Any lessons to learn from this UAE ban on Nigeria? Yes!

1. Nigerians going abroad should know that they are the unappointed ambassadors of our country. Therefore, they must obey the laws of the host countries and behave well at all times.

2. Every country should put sanctions in place to deter bad fellows and bad behaviors.

3. Always do a cost-benefit analysis of the possible outcome of any decision before taking it.

4. Never motivate bad behavior by allowing offenders to walk the streets free, while punishing good people with harsh reprisals the way of the UAE

5. Bad people should know that their actions impact on the majority and should repent before they meet their waterloo.

6. I am sure never again, would the UAE make this type of mistake.

Grace and peace!!!