Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Major General’s Revelation: Urgent Call for President Tinubu to Investigate Military Officers Indicted for Terrorism Financing

When a retired General openly confessed that a senior officer in the military and others were indicted by a panel for financing terrorism, the government should not take it to bed without waking up in the morning to revisit the issue.

I don’t think Nigeria has anything to lose, if President Tinubu interrogates the statement of Major General Danjuma Ali-Keffi (retd), a former General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 1 division of the Nigerian Army that there is a report of a panel, which indicted a senior military officer and others for terrorism financing. It may be a way to help the country overcome the menace of terrorism.

What do you think? Grace and peace!!!