Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Maternal Bonds Shattered: Exploring the Shocking Reality of Child Trafficking and the Urgent Need for Intervention

I know a little about the bonds between children and their mothers, whether in the animal sanctuaries or the human world. It is infrequent for anybody to attempt to snatch the child of a mentally deranged woman. It is also more perilous to try to snatch babies from any animal.

Have you gone closer and witnessed the reaction of a mother hen guiding its chics towards a path, and it perceived you as a threat? Do you also notice how the hen spreads its wings over the chics when in danger?

Given the above, I was shocked to view some videos in which some women habitually get pregnant annually, suffer excruciating labor pains, and, without qualms, in the end, sell their male children for one million Naira and the female children for five hundred thousand Naira.

So, zoologists in the house, what do animals have over us that makes them more protective of their children than human beings? What makes us humans weaker than animals when protecting children from human hawks? What could we jointly do to eradicate this menace, just the way the ritual killing of twins was stopped by the intervention of a courageous Lady Missionary called Mary Slessor?

Grace and peace!!!