Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Moving Beyond Tribal Politics: A Call for Focus and Unity in Nigeria’s Electoral Landscape

It is a tremendous disservice by the tribe’s people and supporters of Tinuttima (Tinubu/Shettima) of the APC, Obidatti (Obi/Datti) of the Labour Party, and Atikowa (Atiku/Okowa) of the PDP to those that voted for their parties by the trivialities of the last presidential election by “Yorubanizing,” “Hausanizing or Fulanizing” or “Igbonizing” the ongoing supremacy struggle for the presidency.

If they continued in this trajectory of giving tribal ownership and connotations to the performances of the candidtates, it could be a costly venture and a misadventure to the contestants in Saturday’s Gubernatorial and Houses of Assembly elections.

My counsel is that yesterday is gone. Concentrate on tomorrow and grab the very essence of your struggle.

The sounds of the fury of threats now oozing from the supporters of the Presidential hopefuls and the President-elect may lead to some losses for their gubernatorial candidates in this week’s election. It may also lead to voters’ apathy and violence.

Since cases have been filed in the Court, the best thing to do now is to double efforts in ensuring that the landscape is dotted with new shifts and paradigms like many of the governors have been compulsorily retired to face the law because they would have also been off the immunity protection by May 29th.

Remember, the past is gone, and you have no control over it. Saturday is ahead of you, and you have control over it. Use the opportunities it will afford you to speak out and side with your chosen candidates. Those threats from agents of fear should not intimidate you into abandoning your candidates. Good luck.

Grace and peace!!!