Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Redefining Wealth: Beyond Money, Success, and True Happiness

Money is becoming the centre point for happiness seekers, and it is raging like wild fires. This endeavor is making the world around becoming crazily unbearable and skewed towards evil doings because of the high premium placed on money.

Having money is good but it is not a key determinant of all success factors and happiness. I have seen or read about people that barely made it through school or even never graduated become billionaires but with some inner dissatisfaction about a lack that is unrelated to money.

Success is about achieving most goals that would make one financially and socially independent in the end. For instance, in today’s Nigeria, if you and your family have been consistent in eating your favorite foods, have your favorite drinks, have money to send your children to anywhere in the world and you are not owing a dime, even though you do not have millions or billions to your name in any bank, you are a wealthy person. Do we see it as such?

One may have money but yet so poor. Money kept in the vault unused is wasted and useless. If only the billions in people’s closets are used for the good of mankind, Nigeria would have been so much like paradise where there will be no need for a police force.

Money is a means to reach an end towards having a purposeful life, and in the end to help pull others out from the valley of wants.

Grace and peace!!!