Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


True Wealth: The Riches of Happiness

I respect materially wealthy and famous people, especially those who made their money genuinely and used their wealth to bring succor to the poor, but I do not envy them. I admire the resilience of the rich, who became wealthy through hard work. But I am not jealous of them because genuine fame and riches do not drop on peoples’ laps without sacrifice, pain, and some element of good luck.

I also respect and admire happy jolly good fellows who, through societal benchmarks, are labelled poor people. This group of people are proud of what they have and who they are and wear the aura of happiness like expensive perfumes.

Just like money, happiness is not also thrown at us cheaply. Happy people work hard to remain satisfied with their inner minds and environment.

Choosing to be happy in this world of strife is not an easy ride. Come sun and rain; happy people never betray their aura of happiness. Some of them exhibit the happy moments that warrant people around them asking, despite this person’s poverty state, what is making that person happy?

Those who envy famous and wealthy people should know that fame and money cannot buy happiness or resolve many wealthy people’s psychological intra-personal conflicts encountered as they go through the pathway of their earthly journeys.

Many happy people do not wish to take their lives, but many rich and famous people do. That tells us that wealthy people taking their lives are either unhappy or feel a void in their inside. That is the irony and paradox of life.

Rich people also need inner calm and happiness, which money cannot buy. Unbeknown to many people, most often, the money bags feel lonely within and need happy people around them.

Whichever social bracket you belong to, do not trade happiness for anything. As you wake to read this post, may your tomorrow bring you pure and profound happiness. May your inner calm bring you joy and hope for a better tomorrow. Amen.

Grace and peace!!!