Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Breaking the Cycle of Entitlement: Navigating the Challenges of the Emerging Generation

Reminiscing over so many issues during the morning makes my heart sink. I cannot help but feel worried over what I term an entitlement and abundant mentality of some young folks. I have heard ebullient non-disabled young people say, “I cannot do menial jobs when I can get double that stipend without working.

I was once told of a young man offered a job of forty thousand Naira per month. The guy turned the offer down, saying, “Bros, If I de street de beg, I go earn that moni for one week, spend some for my babe, Kool down for joint, and I go enjoy my life. No vex, bros. I no go fit leave house for morning, come back for evening because of forty thousand Naira.” End of story.

This attitude has made so many younger ones choose the wider gates to make money instead of the narrower gates to wealth creation. Unfortunately, those wider gates usually end up in destruction and early death. Think about the gates of “yahoo-yahoo,” yahoo plus, joining deadly cults to acquire power and money, lying about being divinely called to open worship centers, and professional elitist begging; that is, the art of sending messages to several persons for financial assistance and getting returns from more than half of the people, thereby being on the payroll of others without working.

As I contemplate the challenges of this generation, most of us parents are also responsible for the situation. Many parents spoon-fed these kids until adulthood and do not allow their children to develop problem-solving skills. They put everything they ask for on the children’s laps and sometimes stuff them with what they do not need. A child with a birthday day gift of a car and the highest grade of iPhone would only think that is all about life. So, why would a child in such an environment know how to overcome challenges?

Gradually, I begin to feel that giving children all they need is as bad as giving them nothing. Children with nothing struggle to survive. They are also likely to be better responsible and accountable for what they have. They are also more likely to develop resilience to face life challenges than those that grew in abundance and had everything. I am open to other critical reasoning on how to help the emerging generation appreciate hard work and life better.

Grace and peace!!!