Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Beyond the Illusion of Quick Riches: Investing in Long-Term Fulfillment

When I look at the get-rich-quick and abundant mentality phenomenon of some young ones, I think the underlying factor is to fulfill the easy virtue righteousness in the form of partying, dressing in million-million customized outfits to impress and enjoy the companionship of the opposite sex in five-star hotels, which has led many behind bars.

At my age, I recently coughed out some money to do a conflict coaching course to improve my skills in conflict resolution. Some coaches in their forties and fifties are sweating it out at Abuja, trying to be pre-qualified as CAF or FIFA instructors. But so many younger ones believe we are wasting time and should relax to be “chopping” our pension.

In a world where children face multidimensional challenges, businesses collapsing, high societal expectations, upsurge in the use of artificial intelligence, and robotics easing people off their jobs, what if the pension we also depend on today collapses somewhere in the future?

The usual thing here is, “It is not our portion in Jesus’ name.” Such faith is good, but let us always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances (God forbid) so that should the push comes to shove, there will be a backup without falling into the deep valley of pain and frustration as we close our eyes smiling and saying the final goodbye.

Folks, do not stop doing what gives you satisfaction. Do not exchange your dream or passion for anything less. As you work, make sure you splash some goodies on yourself. Not because you want to impress anybody but because you worked hard and should thank your flesh and bones for supporting you to accomplish each milestone.

May God grant us long life and an evening that is better than our morning. Amen.

Grace and peace!!!