Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Conquerors of Life’s Trials: Lessons from Father Abraham, Job, and Everyday Heroes – Navigating Tests of Faith and Friendship with Resilience

How can we be conquerors without a test of faith or strength? Ask Father Abraham, brothers Job, Paul and the martyred disciples of Christ of what tests of faith means. Inquire from Mother Mary, Sisters Hannah, Sarah, Naomi, Esther, etc.; and let them share their experiences with you.

Your test of faith might not be self-directed. Your test of faith, could come in the form of one person in your environment that is making life difficult for the rest people. You may have them as classmates, family members and among friends. When you have the hard luck of having them in your vicinity, do you turn your back and abandon them? No, but why?

Many people have seen the impossible become possible. Many have also seen the possible become impossible. Many have seen moments of almost grabbing the rainbow only to see it disappear within reach.

Many have gone through the mills and furnaces, experienced sudden and extreme changes that showed the meaning of true test of faith and friendship.

In tortuous circumstances, some people fall into depression, and see no reasons to live. At times, they feel let down. They feel abandoned and lonely. Boom! They commit suicide.

In contrast, some others confronted with the same experiences survive through forbearance, resilience, and never stopped working in what they are good at. Some make it by cultivating spiritual shock absorbers. Those are the ones that see themselves as conquerors that cannot be shaken by the vicissitudes of life.

In any case, until in the last gate of life, let us keep our armours of faith and good works close-by. We should never mock those seen as failures because we are all in transit, and never could tell where our next bus stop shall be. Besides, their evening may be so beautiful and roxier beyond human comprehension.

Confessing “it can’t happen to me mantra is good,” but when it does, fight it and be like the conquerors.

Happy Sunday. Grace and peace!!!