Dr. Louis Brown Ogbeifun

Accredited Mediator | Certified Professional Manager and Trainer in Workplace Conflicts


Embracing Resilience: Finding Strength in Trials and Triumphs

I do not dwell on lamentations. Not because my race through life had no twisted curves and thorns. I know that pain is part of life and we all must go through it. Friends, better go through that pain now than in your evening when the essence of life would be dimming gradually.

I firmly believe in innate motivation to succeed. So, I have always put on a mask of optimism and a never-say-die attitude in all my travails. Have I ever failed? Oh yes, and so many times too. Have I ever been mocked? Oh yes, but yet I smile even in my pains because my failures have remained my strength and the building blocks for where I am today.

Things are not working well; thank God and ask for mercy for a better tomorrow. While asking for the mercy of the Lord, remember not to stop working. Leave your house and just find something to do. Even if you cannot get something to do, do not stop encouraging others with your smiles and the radiance of one, who believes in a better tomorrow.

I also believe in taking responsibility for my failures without seeing a friend, family member, the village witch, or wizard as those behind my failings. I believe that it is only if I allow Jehovah’s hedge around me to fade that they can be effectual.

I also believe that no witch, wizard, or arrow of enemies can touch a child that stays on the platforms of grace and mercy and under God’s canopy. Try to be steadfast and do not depart from the place of service for you to remain the apple of God’s eyes.

The easiest way to fall is to fall to these fears, which would have a crumbling crush on your spiritual nature. Do not take it as a given that trials will not come because you are under his canopy or grace. Trials and tribulations will surely come. However, the burden will be lesser to carry, and you will not crumble under their yokes.

Check the lives of great and righteous people, and you will find how much some of them suffered. Each time I read the biography of Mother Theresa of blessed memory, I say, “Lord, thank you” because I have not gone through half of the pains and hardship she went through.

The good thing is that as you begin to cultivate a can-do attitude, forgiveness, hard work, piety, volunteering to assist others in need, and smiling no matter the challenges you are overcoming without knowing.

When you want seers, you shall get those that would make you hate those who could be of assistance to you. No matter what you have woken into this day, have the strong belief that every of your next day shall be better than today and yesterdays. Dream and live it.

As you have those dreams of survival and working it through, ask God to bring you across someone that you you be a blessing to today. Difficult but possible. The more you help others, the more you shall be blessed too. Helping is not just about giving money. That old man and woman across the street can be happy for your helpijg out with keeping his or her compound clean.

I pray for you as I pray for myself today that as long as our redeemer liveth, nobody born of a woman can destroy your destiny, That from today, you are set for a life of divine blessings and know it that your evening will be sweeter than your morning. Amen

Grace and peace!!!